MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 News: Henry Cavill Looks Great In A Mustache

Also, Tom Cruise is up to something dangerous.

We’ve known Henry Cavill will make one of his rare “good film” appearances soon in Mission: Impossible 6, but the problem was we didn’t know if he would have a mustache or not. Top sleuths around the world looked into it, but all came back empty. 

Turns out we can all relax. The man will have a stache:



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Christopher McQuarrie posted the above photo to Instagram. I suppose the point was to show off how handsome his pals are, but we’re not falling for it. Those people were hired to hang out with him. The real takeaway is Cavill’s look. Not even the now-common sight of Tom Cruise about to jump off something can compete.

With this news, I feel the day is complete and we can all go back to bed. Sweet dreams!