You Need To Know About JURASSIC GAMES Right This Minute


Regular readers know that our tastes run the gamut here at Birth.Movies.Death. We love high-minded period pieces. We love dystopian sci-fi. We love Disney movies as we love exploitative horror, experimental indie joints as we love blockbuster superhero movies. We also love trash.

And lemme tell ya, folks: Jurassic Games sounds like our kind of trash.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

"(Jurassic Games) takes place in the near future, where ten death row convicts must compete in a virtual reality game show called The Jurassic Games. They will battle dinosaurs as well as each other — and if hey die in the game, they also die in real life. It follows Anthony Tucker (Adam Hampton), a man wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife, who will be reunited with his children if he wins. Unfortunately for him, the game's host adds harder and harder challenges for the contestants — and there can be only one winner."

Let's recap: Jurassic Games isn't just a "prisoners forced to fight for their lives" movie. It's also an "I just want my kids back!" movie, a Running Man-style sci-fi action movie, a "What kills you in virtual reality kills you in real life" movie, and a painfully transparent Jurassic Park/Hunger Games mash-up movie. This is absolutely our kind of trash, and we suspect it's also the sort of trash that will appeal to the average BMD reader. Consider yourselves warned.

THR's got a number of exclusive images from the film (none of which, it's worth noting, contain a dinosaur; mostly it's just the cast glaring at each other, or off into the distance) and you can see all of them by heading over there now.

Or you can just head on down to the comments section, where we encourage you to steel yourselves for Jurassic Games Week, which will probably arrive shortly after the film's 2018 arrival. Consider yourselves warned on this front, as well.