That FAST AND FURIOUS Spinoff You Wanted May Actually Happen

Vin Diesel is going to be pissed.

Vin Diesel is the patriarch of the Fast and Furious family, but he’s also the most boring member and apparently the least fun guy to work with in the world. So why not just phase him out and stick to the good stuff?

According to Deadline, that could be happening. There are now talks of a spinoff that would focus on The Rock and Jason Statham’s characters. Chris Morgan is expected to write, and the idea is that they would somehow make it between now and the next Fast and Furious movie.

Anyone who saw The Fate of the Furious knows this is good news. The charisma between Statham and the Rock was undeniable, and it’s remarkable how often the boyfriends in these movies can naturally shift around like that. First Dom and Brian, then Dom and Hobbs, now Hobbs and Shaw.

There are only supposed to be two more Fast and Furious films, but with spinoffs like this, the universe can keep going and going forever given how often they add new cast members. I know I wouldn’t kick a Tej/Roman movie out of bed.