It’s Friday: Have Some More Spoilery ALIEN: COVENANT Stills

ALIEN universe androids are always up to some kinda hijinks!

Warning: this post contains spoilery Alien: Covenant stills. And information.

Another day, another round of Alien: Covenant stills. 

Today's batch comes to us from the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, who snagged two new images for their big Summer Preview. Their actual post contains little information about what's going on in these photos, but the Alien Covenant website's a bit more forthcoming with the details. In between one thing and another, we've got a pretty good idea what we're looking at here.

For starters...

Here's Walter (not David, mind you), taking a long, hard look at...hey, Alien: Covenant website, what is that thing? 

This shot shows Walter inspecting what I believe to be a piece of one of the Cryo-stasis pods - most likely that belonging to James Franco's character Branson, as we know something happens to his stasis pod, leading to his deteriorating health we witnessed in The Last Supper Prologue video. Could this mean Brandon's stasis pod was sabotaged? Is Walter the culprit or the detective?

Ah, gotcha. Shoulda known Franco would be mixed up in these hijinks somehow. And, hey, speaking of hijinks... 

Here's David, about to rain down some serious thunder on the Engineer homeworld. See those urns? Those are the black-goo filled things from Prometheus. Remember what happened when one drop of that shit got into Logan Marshall-Green's bloodstream? Well, imagine what that much black goo might do to, say, an entire populace. Probably nothing awesome! 

Quite frankly, I'm amazed that they're revealing some of this stuff so close to Alien: Covenant's release. This thing with David traveling to the Engineer homeworld was a complete surprise to me up until about a month ago (when the news leaked out of CinemaCon), and I've been spoiler-hunting on this thing ever since it went into production. Weird that they'd be so cavalier about revealing this moment, but...oh, well. Here we are.

Stay tuned for more on Alien: Covenant as we get closer to the film's May 19th release. Still got a few weeks to go, so I'm sure there's plenty more where this came from.