New International Trailer For THE MUMMY Contains New Footage, Allegedly

See if you can spot it.

The first few trailers for Universal's The Mummy have been, well, a little rough: dodgy CGI, questionable sound design, silly-looking set pieces, Russell Crowe taking himself way too seriously. The cumulative effect is that I've sorta started tuning the whole thing out.

Which is probably why I'm having trouble identifying the "new footage" in this just-released international trailer for the film. Maybe you'll do better with it.

Look, I know this site has not been particularly supportive of Universal's "Let's relaunch the Universal Monsters as a shared universe!" campaign, but...this movie looks bad, right? Like, objectively bad? I say this not only as a card-carrying Tom Cruise megafan (@ me at your peril), but as someone who's entirely open to big, dumb summer movies. I'm struggling to find anything to enjoy in this footage, and that's a huge bummer. You think I don't want to be looking forward to a big Tom Cruise horror-action spectacular? Bro.

Anyway, time will tell. Could be this is a movie where cutting a great trailer is harder than normal. Could be they're saving all the good stuff for audiences to experience in the theater. Or, yes, could be that my hunch is correct, and The Mummy is just not gonna be any good. 

We'll find out soon enough: The Mummy arrives on June 9th. You gonna be there for it or what?