Check Out Two New Images From IT COMES AT NIGHT

PLUS: Our first plot details!

When the first It Comes At Night trailer arrived, we weren't sure what to make of it: was it a home invasion thing? A ghost story? One of those high-minded slasher indies? It was hard to say, but thanks to a new post over at Entertainment Weekly, we've got our first plot details on the film...and some photos.

First up, the synopsis:

"In the new horror-thriller It Comes at Night, a father (Joel Edgerton), mother (Selma’s Carmen Ejogo), and their teenage son (The Birth of a Nation’s Kelvin Harrison Jr.) are attempting to survive a civilization-destroying pandemic in a remote house in the woods. So when an intruder (Christopher Abbott) arrives, pleading for help, they are forced to choose between kindness and potential infection. And this is one killer sickness."

Ah, right on: so it's a people-in-a-contained-environment-VS-a-plague thing? From Trey Edward Shults, the director of Krisha? Sure, we can get onboard with that! Let's take a look at EW's photos.

Alright, so, in the middle there you can see Joel Edgerton and Kelvin Harrison Jr. Looks like rations are in short supply.

And here's an unidentified man (apparently the father of Ejogo's character) who's fallen victim to the plague. In an interview with EW, makeup department head Sasha Grossman says the makeup design was inspired by real-world plagues and diseases:

“We looked at whatever photos we could find that related to the bubonic plague, related to Ebola virus. We took a little bit of every gnarly disease.”

“To be even scarier, we added solid black demonlike eyes.” 

Mission: accomplished! That's some truly unsettling makeup work. We look forward to seeing it in action when It Comes At Night arrives on June 9th.