Michael Mann’s Going To Vietnam (And TV)

This should make some of you very happy.

Even if you haven’t liked his last few movies (and don't let Jacob Knight hear you say that), news of Michael Mann’s latest directorial plans is always something that should turn heads. The guys is one of our all-time greats. You don’t just toss him away because you heard a couple people didn’t enjoy Blackhat.

So here you go: according to Deadline, we’re about to get quite a bit of new Michael Mann to enjoy. He is apparently teaming up with Michael De Luca to adapt Black Hawk Down author Michael Bowden’s Hue 1968 for television, a story concerned with the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive.

Details are mostly scarce at the moment. We don’t know if we’re getting eight or ten episodes. We don’t have a network for the show yet. It is said Mann will direct numerous episodes, but that could be anything between two and ten.

Nevertheless, Mann’s coming back to television with a war project that could be super exciting. For now, that’s got to be enough to get some interest up.