Netflix Is Getting A HELL OR HIGH WATER Reunion Together

These bros like to bro.

Hell or High Water did very well last year, offering the indie set one of its more successful sleeper hits of 2017. Part of its popularity was due to the cast. Part of it was due to the direction. And part of it was due to the script. Let’s get as many of those elements back in the stew, and do it all over again!

Netflix is going to get the band back together to make Outlaw King, a movie about Braveheart character (and, okay, historical figure) Robert the Bruce, who was a better Braveheart than Braveheart because he actually led Scotland to freedom. Sorry, but I like Bravehearts that don’t get captured.

Outlaw King will be directed by Hell On High Water director David Mackenzie. It will also star Chris Pine will play Robert the Bruce, while Ben Foster will play his (sure to be hot-headed) right hand man, a knight named James Douglas.

Mackenzie wrote the film instead of Hell or High Water’s Taylor Sheridan. And Jeff Bridges is probably not coming back either (though who knows?), but if you were smitten with these guys making a modern Western, maybe you’ll like what they come up with while sporting Scottish accents.