Check Out Mondo’s Incredible Vinyl Release Of The ALIEN Soundtrack

PLUS: Other amazing ALIEN DAY offerings!

If you're one of those Debbie Downers I've seen wondering why Alien gets its very own day, please take this opportunity to take off and nuke your account from orbit: the rest of us are thrilled to have an entire day dedicated to celebrating the greatest extraterrestrial-based franchise of all time, and we're even more thrilled to see what new goodies each new Alien Day will bring us.

For instance: Mondo's just-revealed line of Alien Day merch, including everything from vinyl to t-shirts and pins (all of this stuff, by the way, will be available for purchase on Mondo's website starting on April 26th). I suppose we should start off with the Big Daddy offering, a 4XLP set featuring artwork from the great Tyler Stout.

Let's take a look.

$75 Timed Limited Edition

Pre-Order Begins 4/26 and ends 5/19
Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Artwork by Tyler Stout
Pressed on 180 Gram Colored Vinyl

But, wait, it gets even better: the inner sleeves on the packaging document the life-cycle of the Alien, from the egg all the way up through its final Xenomorph form. Check these out:

And on top of that, each set will include one of four exlusive handbills. Here's what all four of 'em look like:

As we mentioned above: this isn't the only version of the Alien soundtrack Mondo's releasing in support of Alien Day: we're also getting a 2XLP set featuring artwork from Kilian Eng. Let's take a look at that one:

Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Artwork by Kilian Eng
Available on 180 Gram Black and 180 Gram Colored Vinyl
Pre-Order begins 4/26

Let's say you haven't purchased a turntable yet (smdh): is Mondo dropping anything on Alien Day that you might be interested in? You're goddamn right they are. For starters, there's this new Alien shirt, also featuring artwork from Tyler Stout (available in sizes XS to 4XL)... well as two brand-new enamel pins designed by DKNG. Check 'em out:

Xenomorph enamel pin by DKNG – $10

1.6″ wide soft enamel pin on black dyed metal designed by DKNG.

Double posted with rubber clutch backings on Alien pin packaging.

Alien Queen enamel pin by DKNG – $10

1.6″ high soft enamel pin on shiny silver nickel designed by DKNG.

Double posted with rubber clutch backings on Aliens pin packaging

As was mentioned previously, all of these items will be made available for purchase on Mondo's website starting tomorrow, April 26th (Alien Day, if ya nasty). Get out there and buy the Alien lover in your life something they'll cherish forever. Truly, this is the most wonderful time of the year.