First Poster For Wes Anderson’s ISLE OF DOGS Arrives

Woof. In a good way!

Wes Anderson’s next stop-motion animation movie, Isle of Dogs, isn’t supposed to come out until April 20, 2018. Nevertheless, it already has a teaser poster:

There isn’t a whole lot to it, though it actually does a good job suggesting a synopsis in just one image. I’d say the poster has less to do than selling the film than boasting that cast. I mean look at it! And the best part is, it teaches you how to write isle, of and dog in Kanji! Educational and entertaining, the Wes Anderson promise.

Any Wes Anderson movie is worth celebration, but I’m particularly excited to see him return to the world of animation. The Fantastic Mr. Fox is out of this world good, and I have high expectations for this one as well.