Yes, A Biopic About WWE’s Vince McMahon Is Coming

It has come to this.

Wrestling. I don’t get it. But boy, do a lot of people like it.

The time or two I watched it high school, however, I was immediately into Vince McMahon and his ultra-acting as he played himself, the ultimate WWE heel. He’s all buggy eyes, and huge gestures and shocked facial expressions. He is a very gifted ham.

Which is my way of saying I wish he were playing himself in his own biopic. Which, according to The Hollywood Reporter is something that is going to happen. The film, currently titled Pandemonium, will be directed by Crazy, Stupid, Love’s Glenn Ficarra and John Requa from a Craig A. Williams script.

I suppose this is probably a good idea. Even if you don’t like wrestling, McMahon is fascinating figure and it would be interesting to see a Hollywood sanitized version of his life story. On top of that, if we’re lucky we’ll see a bunch of current actors playing Wrestling legends like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

But seriously. Don’t hire anyone to play McMahon. He needs to play himself. Even in his child and high school scenes. Please. Let me have this.