Sounds Like Ewan McGregor Might Play CHRISTOPHER ROBIN

Sure, okay.

In what may be the most shrug-inducing story of our time, THR says that Ewan McGregor is now in talks to play the lead role in Christopher Robin, the live-action Disney film currently being set up by director Marc Forster (Monster's Ball, World War Z).

"Now wait just a goddamn minute," you're thinking. "The Christopher Robin I know is a boy, not some dashingly handsome middle-aged man. What gives?"

Well, buckle up, motherfuckers: this ain't your grandma's Christopher Robin:

McGregor will play the adult Christopher Robin, who's lost his sense of imagination and is a businessman focused on work and success.

So it's one of those movies.

Alright. Sure. That's fine. I guess it's encouraging that the film is now being rewritten by Allison Schroeder, recently Oscar-nominated for her work on Hidden Figures (not so encouraging: the fact that this will be the project's third rewrite), but I dunno, guys. This entire thing still sounds a lot like Hook, which - in this writer's experience - is never an encouraging starting point.

Then again, who knows? Maybe Christopher Robin's gonna be an absolute delight, McGregor will knock it out of the park, and seeing Winnie The Pooh and friends rendered as distressingly-lifelike CGI monstrosities won't make anyone want to claw their own eyes out. Guess we'll have to wait and see!