Paul Verhoeven’s Next Is A Lesbian Nun Movie Called BLESSED VIRGIN

Guaranteed to be tasteful.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production has already begun on Paul Verhoeven's next movie, Blessed Virgin, and it sounds like it'll be a totally low-key affair that definitely won't ruffle any feathers:

"Production has now begun on Blessed Virgin (Sainte Vierge), based on Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy by Judith C. Brown, with Elle star Virginie Efira in the lead role as Benedetta Carlini, a real-life 17th century nun."

Yes, that's right: Paul Verhoeven is following up Elle with a lesbian nun movie. The news was confirmed on Twitter via Verhoeven's producer, Saïd Ben Saïd‏, who also had this nifty teaser image to share (warning: incoming nipple action):

Yup, checks out.

Perhaps, like us, you weren't already intimately familiar with "real-life 17th century nun" Benedetta Carlini before reading this news. Totally understandable. THR goes on to sum up her story thusly:

Born in 1591, Carlini is a significant figure for historians of women's spirituality and lesbianism. At 30 she was made abbess of a convent in Pescia where she claimed she was experiencing visions of being murdered. It was later found that she had engaged in sexual relations with a fellow nun, whom she was accused of molesting. 

Look, I'm not sure what else to add here, folks. This is wall-to-wall good news: Paul Verhoeven's already working on another movie, it'll reunite him with Elle's Virginie Efra, it's a period piece, and it revolves around a lesbian nun who's having visions of herself being murdered. Of course we're onboard.

Stay tuned for more on Blessed Virgin as the updates roll in. 

(Note: header photo used with permission via Wikimedia Commons)