Rumor Control: Robert Zemeckis Met With WB About Directing THE FLASH

That may be the beginning and ending of this story, however.

So, here's a thing: the folks at ScreenJunkies are reporting that Robert Zemeckis is being pursued by Warner Bros. to direct their upcoming The Flash movie. The news itself was delivered via the following YouTube video, which we invite you to watch now.

ScreenJunkies says that Zemeckis is "in talks" to direct The Flash movie, but that might not be completely accurate. We take you now to the Twitter feed of noted DCU scooper (and current The Wrap reporter) El Mayimbe:

The phrase "in talks" gets tossed around very loosely these days, and it appears that the ScreenJunkies crew may be falling into that particular trap: if someone is reported as being "in talks" for a gig, that means an offer's been made and an official hiring process is in the works. Lawyers are involved, paperwork's being signed, conditions are being hammered out.

Mayimbe (who, it's worth noting, has particularly trustworthy sources in this area) says this isn't the case, and that even if Zemeckis has met with Warner Bros. about the job, they're still talking with other directors. This doesn't mean that Zemeckis might not end up making the movie, of course, just that the situation isn't as locked-in as the folks at ScreenJunkies seem to think it is. 

So, in the end, what do we know? About 3% more than we did before this entire conversation got started. Until an official announcement is made, we should take this rumor with all of the salt. 

That said: it'd be pretty cool if Zemeckis did direct The Flash, wouldn't it?