SUPERNATURAL Review 12.19 “The Future”

Dammit, Cas!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Castiel is skipping down it in “The Future”. There was so much miscommunication in the Supernatural episode that it could have been a pre-cell phone era sitcom. Except the stakes are less comical and more murder-y. All the same, we got some classic themes and some new angles to look at that made it worthwhile.

After riding along with Dagon for a hair too long, Kelly decides that she’s done and tries to kill herself. To the surprise of no one, her slitting her wrist does absolutely nothing. Or at least it does nothing lasting. Kelly comes back from her glimpse with death with a new found hope. She believes that she’s felt the goodness in her baby, and finds some fight again.

Castiel finally returns from heaven to meet with the Winchesters in their normal state. Sam’s glad that Cas is okay, whereas Dean is completely livid that he just bailed. The two make up shortly after when Cas tries to give him back the mix tape he gave him (d’aw), but turns out that it was all just a ruse to get the Colt. So, you know, if Dean wasn’t pissed before, he sure is now.

With the Colt in tow, the angels set out to complete their master plan: kill Dagon, Kelly, and the Nephilim. You don’t have to watch the episode to know how that went down. The other angels are dead and Cas can’t kill Kelly when the time comes, so it’s on the run they go! They could have been in the wind, but Cas’ truck breaks down and he’s Winchesterless, so it’s to a hotel they go. Thankfully Sammy put a tracker on his phone before his second disappearing act, and the boys show up shortly after.

Both parties have plans on how to deal with the Nephilim. Sam and Dean want to take its grace, Cas wants to take it (and Kelly) to heaven as Joshua ordered. There’s some minor arguing between all the dudes in the room, but Kelly has her mind made up: she will go to heaven, despite the fact that it will kill her. She’d rather die than have her baby lose its powers. More arguing ensues, but they eventually decide to head back to the bunker to have a chat. Satan’s baby momma has another plan.

Kelly and Cas speed off in Baby, and right into Dagon’s hands. Joshua meets them at the sandbox, getting offed almost immediately. The Winchesters catch up with them in time to save Cas from certain death, but it’s at the cost of the Colt. After destroying their one save-all weapon, Dagon goes back after the last angel standing. When Cas tells Kelly to run, she refuses and takes his hand. Our little baby in a trench coat gets his groove back thanks to the Nephilim! Dagon’s dead, but it appears Cas has left the building as well. That, or the resurgence of his faith has made him a whole different kind of dumb. Either way, he knocks out the Winchesters and absconds with Kelly on whatever crazy-person mission they’re on.

Where does that leave us? Real irritated, that’s where! Castiel has been a walking disaster lately, and his desire to move away from that has only made it worse. Yes, it totally makes sense that he would become the one most attached to the Nephilim. Yes, he’s been a baby in a trench coat for seasons now and this plot line isn’t that farfetched, but, DAMNIT CAS! He’s taken on the Winchester’s toxic trait of doing the stupidest things with the best of intentions. This baby might not be evil, that’s fine, I actually think that’s a better story, but this splitting off, going our own way, making idiot choices thing is frustrating! Team Free Will doesn’t get enough time to be stupid together, and the Winchesters have been too healthy lately (obviously because of this Cas storyline), I want some diversity in my moments, not splitting between two plots where one of which is infinitely more interesting. That’s Arrow flashbacks level nonsense!

Kelly’s monologue about the good and bad and faith was decent. Cas’ Dean-level counter was for some reason even better, which may be why his whole situation where he suddenly has his faith again is annoying. Is it faith or is it creepy-baby mind control? Is the thing inherently evil? That would be terribly boring, because that’s what we all expect. So what’s the play here? All of those annoyances aside, we did finally get a moment where Cas got to be a badass again. Though part of it was the Nephilim’s powers, the other was him, and that was nice to see for the first time in a long while.

Speaking of annoyances—abusive because he loves you Dean is back. Why. WHY? They boys managing to have actual communication and growth in season twelve doesn’t mean regression to abusive tendencies is any less irritating! The first rage fit was understandable. He was worried, he lashed out, and then they acknowledged why they were having feelings. Cas is absolutely a moron for stealing the Colt, but that doesn’t make Dean slamming him into a wall any more excusable. Go back to your mixtape feelings and sort it out, kids. Y’all are almost in your forties. Cas is like, millions of years old. It’s time.

Other moment of note: Lucifer screamed. Lucifer doesn’t scream. Not in rage. Luci is all chill and chuckles that occasionally becomes annoyed. The potential loss of his son made him go off the rails. That’s interesting. I’m ready for some off the rails/protecting his son/mopping the floors with Crowley’s skull level Lucifer.

What’s happening next week? Huntin’ with witches! Not hunting them, hunting with them. The witch twin hunters are back while Mary is avoiding her sons’ calls and taking swings at Mr. Ketch. Will things remain “The Future” levels of irritating? We don’t know!

So, is the spawn of Satan good or evil? The comments section is ready for your arguments.