Today we learned that MTV's brilliant, incisive genre show Sweet/Vicious has been canceled.

I wrote about Sweet/Vicious after maniacally binging the first season. It's powerful, feminist storytelling, and that first season will always stand beautifully on its own, even though I would have loved much more of this world. I'll miss Jules and Ophelia, but I can believe they're still out there fighting for victims of sexual assault, defending those who have no one else to stand for them.  

Please watch the first (and only, sigh) season. The finale works as a series finale, and it can feel like a complete story even if it wasn't intended as such. Thanks to Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden for telling Jules and Ophelia's story. Sweet/Vicious was an important show, and we're lucky we got even one season of it.