The Nostalgia Gods Are Bringing ROSEANNE Back

Please tell me CHEERS is next.

This stuff happens so often now, it should no longer come as a surprise. And yet here I am, kind of shocked.

According to Deadline, Roseanne, the old sitcom centered around Roseanne Barr and her extremely blue-collar family, is getting a reboot. A legit one, too. Roseanne Barr is coming back and she’ll be joined at the very least by John Goodman and Sara Gilbert. Other actors are apparently on their way as well. It shouldn’t be hard to cast Becky, as they have two to choose from. Probably no Tom Arnold though.

The plan is to do an eight-episode miniseries. No network is attached yet, but if original broadcaster ABC doesn’t want it, I’m sure Netflix will be game.

The show would obviously update us on what’s been going on with all these characters, particularly Dan, who I believe died, so that’ll be fun. You know the drill. We are running out of old shows to revive, so I guess it was just a matter of time before they got around to this one.