TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode Three: Guns & Government

In which Scott and Shultz shoot big-ass guns, eat a most unpleasant donut, and protest Donald Trump.

This month's episode of Trying Times is a triple-header: one part wildly unpleasant eating challenge, one part firearm-related monkey business, and one part Shultz and I grumbling about our dipshit President in the wake of this month's Tax Day March.

There's something here to satisfy everyone, in other words (assuming one of those things is your jam).

As mentioned near the end of the episode: Shultz and I took stock recently and realized that we're simply not challenging ourselves enough. With the exception of Episode One's wrestling challenge, the other challenges we've undertaken for this podcast have been...well, a little too easy. We kinda wanted to visit Episode Two's fortune teller. We kinda wanted to go out in the middle of nowhere and shoot Pineapple's gigantic guns.

Quite frankly, we have not challenged ourselves enough.

Which is why the next few episodes of Trying Times are really going to ramp up the cringe factor. This weekend, Shultz and I will don a pair of recently-purchased animal costumes (I'm a monkey, she's a flying squirrel) to attend a Furry Dance Party. We've locked in plans to attend our very first anime convention (note: we are not pro-anime). And despite my well-documented claustrophobia, we've also made arrangements to spend some time in water-filled isolation tanks. It's gonna be rough, but what the hell: the more uncomfortable we are, the more entertaining the show is. Don't ever say we never did nothin' for ya, folks.

Speaking of which: if you've got an idea you'd like to pitch for an upcoming show, be sure to mention it in the comments below, or just shoot it over to me and Shultz on Twitter (I'm @ScottWamplerBMD, she's @dingzip) with a #TryingTimes hashtag. Anything within reason will be considered, but don't bother pitching us on skydiving: that'll end up being the series finale.

Stay tuned for more Trying Times. We're having a lot of fun with this.