JCVD And Dolph Lundgren’s BLACK WATER Gets First Trailer

Ass-kicking on the high seas.

Look, I can’t lie. The quality of this trailer is atrocious. I don’t know why. It was uploaded to YouTube by Ace Entertainment, the company putting it out. That they wanted to hit the scene with this blurry nonsense is beyond me.

But here it is:

Bad video quality aside, I will still see the shit out of this. I mean, I try to see every JCVD movie, but this one obviously has some extra heat on it by virtue of being a JVCD-Dolph Lundgren team-up movie. And it takes place on a submarine? B-action gold!

So yeah, this is totally my jam and I can’t wait.

JCVD: “In the old days, it was just red wire, blue wire.”

Lundgren: “I knew I liked you.”

All friendships should be forged on nostalgia for disarming bombs in the 1980s.