James Mangold Says A Black-And-White Version Of LOGAN Is Headed To Theaters

The rumors were true.

Over the weekend, Logan director James Mangold confirmed a rumor that's been going around for some time now: Logan will be getting a black-and-white rerelease.

In a further Twitter exchange, Mangold got a bit more specific while answering fan questions:

Since we don't have an official press release to go on at the moment, here's how we're interpreting all this: a black-and-white version of Logan will return to theaters on May 16th, and will also be included on Logan's eventual Blu-ray release. Whether or not the B&W version's in theaters for longer than a one-night engagement is anyone's guess, but I'm thinking we'll have clarification on that sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for more on this situation as it develops. In the meantime: what do you guys think? Gonna head back to see Logan in black-and-white? I'm not particularly interested, but having seen the Black-and-Chrome edition of Mad Max: Fury Road on the big screen, I'm sorely tempted (that thing was incredible).