Ridley Scott: Neill Blomkamp’s ALIENS Sequel Is Dead

In which the inevitable occurs.

In a new interview with Allocine, Alien: Covenant director Ridley Scott confirms that Neill Blomkamp's long-gestating (and oft-delayed) Aliens sequel - which would have picked up the franchise's timeline after James Cameron's film, effectively ignoring both Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection - has been cancelled.

The quote, originally printed in French, was helpfully translated for us by the good folks over at ComicBookResources. Scott says:

 “There was never a screenplay, just an idea that evolved into a pitch of 10 pages...I was always just a producer, but it didn’t go any further because Fox decided that it didn’t want to do it.”

And just like that, Alien purists appear to have dodged a bullet. Of course the concept art Blomkamp put online was pleasing to the eye, and of course there were some fans who really, really wanted to see an Aliens sequel that would reinstate both Hicks and Newt to the franchise. But speaking as one of those aforementioned purists, this writer can't pretend to be too upset about things turning out this way.

How about you guys? You pleased with this turn of events? Mad Online™ (or even Offline™) about it? We wanna know! Sound off with your reactions in the comments below, and remember that Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th.

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