First Trailer For THE RECALL Offers A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

This, uh, this looks like something, alright.

Up until about ten minutes ago, this writer wasn't even aware of The Recall, an upcoming alien invasion movie starring Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte and living legend Wesley Snipes. Then this trailer came along and...well, it took me on quite a ride. 

See what you think.

Here, in handy bullet-pointed form, is my reaction to above trailer.

  • "Jesus, another 'cabin in the woods' thing."
  • "Did that guy just make a Borat reference?"
  • (Ignores next 15 seconds while thinking about Borat)
  • "Oh, right, Wesley Snipes is in this."
  • "Are those kids even old enough to be driving?"
  • "Snipes looks like one of Dennis Leary's henchmen in Demolition Man."
  • "Is this a sequel to Skyline?"
  • "Remember Skyline?"
  • "Oh, snap, Wesley Snipes is a disgraced former astronaut!"
  • "This looks...oof, this is not good..."
  • (Wesley Snipes shows up with a shotgun)
  • "I'M BACK IN"
  • "Was that a jellyfish?"
  • "I wonder if Mitte gives breakfast a shout-out in this."
  • "This is bad again."
  • "SNIPES!"
  • "I should watch Fire In The Sky again."
  • "I wonder what DB Sweeney's doing right now."

The Recall will arrive in select theaters on June 16th (it's also apparently opening on June 2th via "Barco Escape Cinemas" with a 12-minute, pseudo-VR prologue thing attached).

Will you be there for it or nah?