Good News, Bub: LOGAN NOIR Is Coming To The Alamo Drafthouse

With an exclusive Q&A with director James Mangold!

For a while now, word on the street has been that James Mangold's Logan would be getting a black-and-white cut. Over the weekend, Mangold confirmed the news, telling fans on social media that they'd want to make sure to keep their schedules open the night of May 16th.

Well, now we know what he was talking about...and of course, it turns out the Alamo Drafthouse is involved.

Here's the press release:

On Tuesday, May 16th, audiences across the country will re-immerse themselves in the bold and beautiful brutality of the Logan story, presented in stunning black and white for one night only.

Alamo Drafthouse and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment are proud to present LOGAN NOIR, a new, monochromatic vision of one of the greatest comic hero films ever made. This one-time screening event will be followed by an exclusive, live streamed Q&A with director James Mangold. Alamo Drafthouse theaters across the country will present screenings and the Q&A beginning at 8pm EST on Tuesday, May 16th.

Los Angeles fans will also get the chance to see Logan slash through the big screen as Alamo Drafthouse and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment co-present LOGAN NOIR with American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre. Tickets for all screenings are available now at

"It's an absolute honor to bring this unique and very special chapter to Alamo Drafthouse," said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO. "Being able to do this with the film’s creator only adds to the gravity of the event and we plan to make this an epic evening in all of our theaters."

Attendees in every location will be able to participate in the live discussion with Mangold via Twitter using the hashtag #AskAlamo.

"During production of LOGAN I took many black and white photographs and noticed how striking and dramatic our gritty settings and characters appeared in monochrome,” said Mangold. “The western and noir vibes of the film seemed to shine in the format and there was not a trace of modern comic hero movie sheen. Then, while editing, Fox and I started posting some of the black and white stills online and fans also began to respond enthusiastically, many hoping that they would get a chance to see the finished film in carefully timed, high contrast black and white. Well. Sometimes hope becomes reality."

Attendees are requested to wear only black and white clothing and as a parting gift commemorating Logan’s final ride, all theater guests in monochromatic attire will receive an exclusive commemorative event poster.

Yes, for one night only, a new version of James Mangold's Logan - this one titled Logan Noir - will screen at the Alamo Drafthouse, to be accompanied by a live-streamed Q&A with the director himself. Attendees are encouraged to wear only black-and-white clothing to the show, and those who do will receive an exclusive poster commemorating the event.

Those wishing to attend should head over to this page at the Alamo Drafthouse right now in order to secure their tickets: they won't last long, and once they're gone, they're gone. 

You guys as excited about this as we are? Got a Drafthouse near you and plan on attending? Got a Drafthouse nowhere near you and still plan on going? We wanna hear from you! Sound off in the comments section below (after you've secured your tickets, of course).