New Footage From THE DEFENDERS Teases The Return Of (REDACTED)

Caution: spoilers to follow.

Final Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Defenders.

In a new clip uploaded to The Defenders' official Twitter feed (well, the show's Twitter feed, not the Twitter feed of the real Defenders, who do not actually exist), it looks like a certain someone is on the verge of being resurrected.

Let's take a look.

Here's the part where I level with you: other than Jessica Jones, I have yet to make it through any of Netflix's Marvel shows. As such, I was totally baffled by the clip above: is that a sarcophagus? What's that symbol mean? Is Ra's al Ghul on The Defenders now?

In order to clear up my confusion, I consulted with Birth.Movies.Death.'s resident comic book nerd, Siddhant Adlakha, who explained that the footage above is teasing the return of Elektra. He went on to elaborate with the following statement:

"She's some super secret ancient, I dunno, "power" is how they explain it, like some special evil child ... but then she dies and the ninja group puts her in that big coffin.


Hm, yes. I see.

So what we're seeing is the resurrection of "special evil child" Elektra, some undetermined amount of time after she has died and been placed in "that big coffin" by "the ninja group". Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on what's being done with Marvel's Netflix shows, and then I read a thing like that I'm happy all over again to leave this to the rest of you guys (don't worry, I've got plenty of my own nerdery going on over here to keep me occupied).

You guys excited for The Defenders? You been keeping up with the Marvel shows? When even Sid is starting to sound winded by all this, one has to wonder if it's keeping the attention of the rest of the crowd. Sound off with your thoughts below.