Heads Up: There’s A Mysterious BLADE RUNNER 2049 Event Happening On Monday

Tune in to see Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Denis Villeneuve talk shop.

We received the following message in our inboxes this morning:

Unlock the future.

We invite you to tune in to a Live Q&A with Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Denis Villenuve on Monday, May 8th at 9:00 AM PT.

Join us at Facebook Blade Runner 2049.

As an easily-startled, stereotypical British police officer might say: "Right, what's all this about, then?" The rest of the press release isn't saying! The Blade Runner 2049 account has an advertisement up for the event...

...but it, too, is very light on details. I suppose all we really need to know is that Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Denis Villeneuve will be sitting down for a discussion about the film, and said discussion will be livestreamed. 

Will there be new footage? It's possible, but if so, no one's confirming that at the moment. Is it possible they'll follow this event with the new trailer (meaning: the one that premiered last month at CinemaCon)? Also possible, but last we heard, that trailer was due to debut on prints of Alien: Covenant, arriving in theaters ten days after this livestreamed Q&A.

Again, though: it doesn't matter. It's Blade Runner 2049. We'll be tuning in no matter what, and we'll let you know what happens if you're not tuned in to see it for yourselves. Let's meet back here on Monday and see what turns up.