Melissa McCarthy To Curse At Puppets In THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS

Get this movie in theaters asap.

Boy, it’s been a long road for The Happytime Murders, a kind of Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the puppet set to be directed by none other than Brian Henson. It was almost a year ago today that we heard Jamie Foxx would be in the film. Now, about 365 days later, it’s finally getting another cast member.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Melissa McCarthy has just joined the film as star and producer (along with her husband Ben Falcone). I’m not sure if this means Foxx is out and McCarthy replaced him or if they’ll be co-stars or what. I certainly hope the latter is true.

The film itself sounds awesome. It’s an R-rated crime story about a detective who investigates a case in which puppets from a canceled ‘80s puppet show keep winding up dead. Who’s doing it? Probably Judge Doom. Or maybe it's Angel.

In any case, it’ll be fun watching McCarthy yell obscenities at puppets for two hours, and I hope it’s not another year before we hear anything further about the project.