At Long Last, The First DARK TOWER Trailer Has Arrived

Better late than never!

With just under 100 days until Nikolaj Arcel's The Dark Tower hits theaters, the film's very first trailer has arrived. We've all been waiting for this for quite some time, so let's all just shut our lips, press "play", and see what this thing has to offer. 

The Dark Tower, based on Stephen King's sprawling, seven-book magnum opus, is a project that's been in the works for years, across multiple studios and through a parade of creative teams. Getting this thing to the screen has been no easy task, and through it all fans have stayed faithful, hoping that one day some studio would come along and just make the goddamn thing happen.

Setting everything else aside for a moment, I'd just like to say the following: to be sitting here watching an official trailer for a Dark Tower movie is something I've been waiting for, quite literally, for most of my life. This is a legit moment, not only for me, but for countless fans around the world. On that front: respect.

Beyond that, what do I think? Well, I'll be putting together a separate post where I'll pour through this thing frame-by-frame (and I'll fill you in on everything I know based on what we're seeing above), but - for the time being - I need to watch that clip a few dozen more times before I can form anything resembling a reasonable opinion of it...

...but don't let that stop you from weighing in in the comments below. 

The Dark Tower arrives on August 4th. Will you be there for it?