Everyone Relax! THE DEFENDERS Trailer Has A Hallway Fight

Get ready for lampshading jokes galore.

Once upon a time, the idea of Netflix leading up to a team series was so exciting to me. Then I couldn’t make myself finish the back half of Luke Cage. Or even start the insufferable-looking Iron Fist. As a result, I look at this first trailer for The Defenders with a lot less enthusiasm than I would have a year ago:

There are things to like. It’s cool seeing everyone together, and I definitely miss Jessica Jones. But the self aware inside jokes about Marvel’s Netflix shows kind of rub me the wrong way. Speaking of which, another goddamn hallway fight!

But you know what? I’m probably going to watch this anyway. It’s too tempting to see this crew finally team up. And best of all, there are only eight episodes. If I’m really lucky, everyone will give Iron Fist a bunch of shit the whole time.

The Defenders comes out August 18.