Is Christopher Nolan Producing BOND 25?

If true, so much for the franchise lightening up.

Yesterday I saw something on IMDb Pro, and I shared it on Twitter, not here, because I thought it was nonsense.

Lots of people took it seriously, which only told me I needed to get better at throwing shade.

But today fan account @Bond25Film says that in response to them reaching out for clarification, IMDb confirmed to them that the information on their site is correct. Syncopy, Christopher Nolan's production company, is developing Bond 25. Which, logic suggests, means that Nolan is maybe going to direct Bond 25.

Now, that could be IMDb doubling down on bad info; people have to pay for IMDb Pro and it wouldn't be a great look if the site is charging them for false info. Or it could be the way news breaks in this strange new world.

For the record, I bet this is not true. I also think that, if it's true, this is a TERRIBLE idea. Christopher Nolan is a very talented filmmaker, and when he took on Batman Begins in 2005 it was exciting to see a director at his level tackling a franchise, taking it seriously and putting his own stamp on it. But at the same time, we have to recognize that stamp is one of the most asexual in the business, and the world of James Bond is a sensual, sensuous one. Moreover, this is a franchise that has never wanted to tangle with "famous" directors; the franchise is the star, not the director.

I'm all for mixing things up, and maybe this is how Daniel Craig wants to go out, but Spectre sure felt like a Bond-by-auteur endgame, and it felt even more like the end of a particularly dour road for the series. Whatever we were expecting from Bond 25, I think we all agreed things needed to lighten up a bit. Instead, the parts seem to be aligning for a Nolan-esque riff on Ian Fleming's You Only Live Twice as Craig's swan song. 

Sigh. You guys think this is a great idea, don't you?

UPDATE: Bond 25 has been removed from Syncopy's IMDb Pro page. Fixing an error, or covering tracks?