BC will moderate a Q&A - and there will be beer!

Given their spotty theatrical releases in the US, it's unlikely that many Los Angeles fans of Society or Bride of Re-Animator have ever gotten a chance to see either of them on the big screen, let alone both in a double feature format. And even if they did, it's even less likely that director Brian Yuzna and/or Society star Devin DeVasquez was there to talk about them. And even if THAT's not true, I know for a damn fact that they never got to see a Q&A moderated by *me*, because even though my memory is pretty bad I think I'd remember such a thing. Long story short, this is a pretty rare and special event, and we'd like a reader and his/her guest to be there to witness it!

(Actually we'd like a LOT of you to be there to witness it, but we're only going to make it free for one of you. The rest have to buy a ticket. But it's only 20 bucks and you get a beer with it as long as you're 21 or over, so that's a pretty good deal.)

The event is this Saturday, May 6th, at the historic TCL Chinese 6 Theaters in Hollywood, hosted by Screamfest as part of their ongoing "Fears & Beers" screening series. To win a pair of passes for the event, which kicks off with Society at 7:30, just answer the following question in the comments below: If you could program a third Yuzna directorial effort for this night, what would it be? These were his first two films, but he's gone on to direct several others, including the awesome Return of the Living Dead III, fan favorite The Dentist, and even a genuine Silent Night Deadly Night sequel (the 4th entry, with the crazy cult and Clint Howard wearing a sex mask). Make sure you're logged in (and check your replies because that's how I'll be notifying you), and get the answers in by noon PST on Friday the 5th. Good luck!

Apropos of nothing I'd like to note that Society is about rich people feeding on the poor, so this is a particularly interesting time to revisit the film.

For non-winners or people who just like to buy things, tickets are available HERE.