Cliff Curtis Signs On For All Four AVATAR Sequels

The TRAINING DAY star is going to Pandora. For a very long time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Training Day and Fear The Walking Dead star Cliff Curtis has officially signed on to play a lead role in all four of James Cameron's Avatar sequels. He will be missed.

THR goes on to specify that Curtis will play the role of "Tonowari, leader of the Metkayina reef people clan." We have absolutely no idea what that means ("Reef people clan?"), but imagine that details will be made clearer as we get closer to the arrival of Avatar 2, which - as you surely already know, as the date has been added to all of our digital calendars - lands in theaters on December 18th, 2020.

So, congratulations, Cliff Curtis! You're going to Pandora, and you're getting your very own reef! Pretty sweet deal!

Stay tuned for more on Avatars 2-5 as we inch ever closer to their punishing release schedule.