Peter Dinklage Will Headline HBO’s Hervé Villechaize Biopic

And he's just been joined by Jamie Dornan.

Alright, first things first: Peter Dinklage playing Hervé Villechaize in a biopic called My Dinner With Hervé is, apparently, not news: that information was announced several months ago, and - between one thing and another - managed to skip right by us. No idea how we could've missed something like this, but what can I say? We can't be everywhere at once.

And besides: Peter Dinklage is playing Hervé Villechaize in a biopic called My Dinner With Hervé. There'll be time for accountability later; for now, we need to know much more. And for that, we turn to Deadline:

"My Dinner with Hervé centers on an unlikely friendship that evolves over one wild night in L.A. between a struggling journalist, Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan), and actor Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinkage), the world’s most famous gun-toting dwarf, resulting in life-changing consequences for both."

Here's how excited we are about the prospect of Peter Dinklage playing Hervé Villechaize in a biopic called My Dinner With Hervé: we're not even gonna worry about the fact that Jamie Dornan (last seen smoldering with all the intensity of a Lite Brite in Fifty Shades Darker) is his co-star. Dinklage will carry this entire goddamn thing if he has to, and we'll all be the better for it.

Meanwhile, be aware that My Dinner With Hervé is being directed (and was co-written by) Sacha Gervasi, who also directed the excellent Anvil: The Story of Anvil and the, well, somewhat less excellent Hitchcock. That Gervasi also wrote Steven Spielberg's The Terminal is something of a draw; you tell me how you feel about that one (I am pro-The Terminal but understand I'm in the minority, @ me at your own peril).

Anyway. Weird story, right? We'll be keeping a close eye on this one as the situation develops, so stay tuned.