DEADPOOL, In Cartoon Form, Is Coming To FXX With Donald Glover In Tow

This is not a headline I expected to write today.

Pretty much all the news we have on this is right there in the headline. There is going to be a Deadpool cartoon. It is going to be for grownups. It will air on FXX. And Donald Glover (along with his brother Stephen - Ha! that wasn’t in the headline!) will write, executive produce and be showrunners.

Will wonders never cease? This is crazy! I mean that in a good way. People are hungry for more Deadpool, and I bet a lot of them will be happy waiting for the next movie by watching an animated version. Particularly since it still gets to be dirty. And it helps that it will probably be good (that’s the Donald Glover element). It’s like a perfect trifecta of goodwill.

The show will run ten episodes sometime next year. I don’t normally go in for superhero TV stuff, particularly if it is animated. And yet, I have a feeling I will make a point of watching this one. How about you? Actually, the big question is which other Marvel characters will be allowed to show up. Assuming everyone's fair game (that's probably not the case, but we're having fun here!) who would you want to see guest starring?