New TRANSFORMERS 5 Images Insert Cool Robots Into Your Favorite World Wars


The official Transformers Twitter feed just dropped a trio of new Transformers: The Last Knight images on us, images which reveal that many of your favorite World Wars were attended - and perhaps even influenced by - Robots In Disguise™.

Let's take a look.

Ah, yes. Who could forget that time when (Transformer Name TBD) braved the snow, the exhaustion and the terrible living conditions to courageously lead soldiers to victory during the American Revolutionary War? This is not Photoshopped, it is very real.

Above we have a classic shot of (Transformer Name TBD) stomping around a WWI battlefield. Some Transformers laid down their lives during WWI so that you and I could one day live in a country that would inexplicably rally around the Transformers franchise every three summers or so. America.

And, finally, there's this iconic image, featuring (Transformer Name TBD) looming over some soldiers during, I dunno, Vietnam maybe? There's a little notation in the bottom left there which reads "Officer C. Theobald", followed by a string of letters and numbers that almost certainly play into some sorta Transformers ARG campaign. You should see if you can decode it, both for funsies and to give yourself a reason to keep on living.

God help us, Transformers: The Last Knight arrives on July 2nd.