AMERICAN GODS Gets a Very Early Renewal

Looks like Media really does have a thing for Shadow Moon.

Turns out worshipping Media and Technology might not be such a bad thing after all! (It is). According to Entertainment Weekly, the gods have smiled upon STARZ’s newest addition, American Gods, and graced them with a very early renewal. The show’s kicked off with over 5 million viewers across multiple platforms, so it looks like high profile fantasy is still in! 

Since we’re still so early on in the first season, and the renewal news just broke, we know absolutely nothing about what we can look forward to in season two. But if the two episodes that we have seen are any indication, we have a lot to anticipate. The early renewal also means that it’s likely that we won’t see the end of the novel come to pass in this first season. 

There were some early indicators that that might be the case, like certain key characters not being as involved in the story as they should be, but adaptations are always a crapshoot! With a second season being a sure thing, we have a lot to see so far as the gods are concerned. There’s endless lore to go through, and now Brian Fuller and team have much more time to play with it. Be sure to tune in this Sunday for the newest episode “Head Full of Snow” on STARZ. Shadow might get brained! It’s going to be a grand ol’ time!