Excellent Poster Day Continues With This New BABY DRIVER One-Sheet

Another gorgeous one-sheet. Can a third be far behind?

Earlier today, we looked upon the first poster for Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled and we saw that it was good. "Won't see another poster that great today," we thought to ourselves, completely unaware that TriStar was about to drop a new Baby Driver one-sheet.

Here it is, in all its glory.

We dig the composition (a collage approach, to be sure, but at least these floating heads haven't been Photoshopped into place), we dig the color (I haven't seen a movie so eager to celebrate the color pink since Drive came along), we dig Jon Hamm looking exceptionally bad-ass with a...well, whatever kind of gun that is. 

As an added bonus, IMDb also revealed an animated version of the poster, which pulls the curtain back a bit on how it was made. 

We are, as you might expect, unreasonably excited to see Baby Driver when it opens on June 28th (those of us who didn't already see it at SXSW, that is). You folks in the same boat?