Jai Courtney To Play Young Version Of Someone Who Can Act In STORM BOY

Better a STORM BOY than an Avocado Boy.

Until Hollywood can invent generic leading men via CG, we are just stuck with the Jai Courtneys of the world. Though I do suspect these days are coming to a close sooner or later.

In the meantime, you have things like Storm Boy. According to Variety, Storm Boy is a family movie where an old man tells his troublesome granddaughter about his youthful adventures in an effort to keep her off the pole. That old man will be played by Geoffrey Rush. The flashback version of him will be played by, you guessed it, Jai Courtney.

Is Jai Courtney trying to make the leap to respectability and Oscar gold? Will his wholesome adventures finally warm our hearts? Is this whole thing just a Geoffrey Rush vanity exercise? Inquiring Jais want to know.

(About to leave the room) Oh, I forgot to tell you, the film is also a combination of live-action and computer animation, and your wife’s sleeping with your neighbor. (Runs away as fast as humanly possible)