MOONLIGHT’s Andre Holland Is Headed To CASTLE ROCK

Hulu's Stephen King series just landed a major player.

Entertainment Weekly just dropped one hell of an exciting piece of news: Moonlight's Andre Holland has joined the cast of Castle Rock, the Stephen King shared-universe series currently being set up over at Hulu.

According to EW:

Holland will take on the role of Henry, described as “a death row attorney with a unique and complicated history in Castle Rock, Maine.”

Alright, so...unless I'm forgetting someone, that's not a Castle Rock citizen we're already familiar with. And that being the case, now seems like a good time to bring up a theory put forth by my associate (and Birth.Movies.Death.'s resident Bond expert) Phil Nobile Jr.: that Castle Rock will be made up primarily of all new characters, with classic Stephen King characters flitting around the periphery of the show. This wasn't exactly the vibe put forth by that initial trailer, but I'm starting to think Phil may be onto something.

Holland's casting is exciting, and certainly worth celebrating! Dude's fiercely talented and the Castle Rock team is very lucky to have him. But while we're here, I'm curious where you guys stand on this: if Castle Rock turns out to be 95% new characters and 5% Stephen King classics, would that impact your level of interest in the show?

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