Not Even 90’s Kids Will Remember RAZOR, But It’s Getting Its Own Movie

You'll never believe it, but another '90s comic book is headed to the big screen.

According to the folks over at THR:

"The filmmaker behind the Fast and Furious and XXX franchises has set his sights on a brand new action hero: urban vigilante Nicole Mitchell, AKA 1990s comic book "bad girl," Razor. The comic book adaptation from Rob Cohen will be introduced to buyers at the upcoming Marche du Film at Cannes."

That's right: noted 1990s "bad girl" Razor is getting her very own comic book movie, to be helmed by Rob Cohen. If, like me, you read comic books throughout the '90s and have no goddamn idea who Razor is, I think we can get a fairly clear picture - and, perhaps, an understanding of what drew Cohen to the project - by taking a quick tour of Razor covers, via Google. 

Let's see...


I see.

Fun Fact: the '90s were tremendously sad.

Okay, I think we get the idea.

Let's see what THR has to say about the actual plot:

"Razor is the alter ego of Mitchell, whose police detective father was killed by a local crime lord. Traumatized by his death, she spends time in a mental institution before dedicating her life to getting revenge — unaware that her sister, whom she believes also dead, has become an assassin working for the man responsible for her father's death."

Huh. Well, that plot synopsis doesn't really jibe with the impression I'm getting from the covers above, but all of the above certainly sounds like it'll be perfect fodder for Rob Cohen and his undeniable talent for tasteful restraint. And he seems to agree! Says Cohen:

"I have loved Razor since its first publication. It has operatic themes, female empowerment, revenge, action, a love story, all shrouded in a delicious darkness that fits our time."

Those are, in fact, all things that we enjoy here at Birth.Movies.Death., so I dunno. Maybe Razor's gonna upend our expectations and be a totally worthwhile comic book movie and not a trashy spectacle we all end up seeing (and secretly enjoying) ironically. So hard to tell these days.

Anyway, nothing further to report at this time, but we'll keep you informed as the Razor updates roll in.