Sofia Coppola’s THE BEGUILED Gets An Excellent New Poster

This is how you one-sheet.

Let's face it: more often than not, one-sheets (that's a fancy term for "movie poster", if you're not hip to the lingo) are terrible. They're either blue or orange, overly-designed or uninspired, misleading or poorly Photoshopped. 

The end result of all those terrible posters? When you see a legitimately great one, it tends to stop you in your tracks. 

Folks, meet the first poster for Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled.

This, oh my friends and neighbors, is how you execute a one-sheet: the composition's subtly mysterious, the title treatment's both bold and delicate (a fitting choice for this movie, we presume), and - in what strikes me as a brilliant design choice - Colin Farrell has been relegated to this poster's sidelines. The ladies are the stars here, this one-sheet announces, and then it makes you wonder how trustworthy these characters might be. They look a little shady, don't they?

Anyway, this is a great poster. They don't even need to make another one.

The Beguiled arrives on June 23rd. It's one of our most anticipated movies of the year. How 'bout you guys?