New WONDER WOMAN Poster Would Like To Remind You That Chris Pine Is Also In This Movie

But mostly it's WONDER WOMAN and her Godkiller sword.

Earlier today we got two excellent new one-sheets: one for Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled, and another for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. Both of these posters were excellent, and - because everything happens in threes - we couldn't help but wonder if a third excellent poster might be in our future.


Okay, so, maybe not quite excellent.

We've seen a slew of Wonder Woman posters at this point (this one remains my favorite), and this one's certainly not bad...but it's also not operating at the same level as the posters we saw earlier today. As much as we'd like to include Wonder Woman in this would-be trifecta of awesome one-sheets, our official ruling is that this one doesn't quite cut the mustard. Close, though!

Anyway, Wonder Woman arrives on June 2nd. Y'all excited or nah?