LEATHERFACE May Finally Be Unleashed This October

The saw gets a French makeover this fall.

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything about Leatherface – the Texas Chain Saw prequel from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside). Shot in Bulgaria in May 2015, the movie (like Maury & Bustillo’s Livid, which has been held hostage by Dimension in the US for six years) has languished in distribution hell, looking less and less likely to receive an official drop date with each passing month.

Well, it seems as if that wait is going to come to an end this Halloween Season, as producer Christa Campbell tweeted last night that this is when Lionsgate (who is distributing the Millennium Films-backed project) seems set on releasing the picture:

The prequel reportedly follows a gaggle of escaped teenage mental patients (Sam Strike, Sam Coleman, James Bloor and Jessica Madsen) who break out of their padded cells and take a nurse (Vanessa Grasse) hostage for a psychotic joyride. Tracking them is a deranged lawman (Stephen Dorff) hell-bent on revenge of some sort. The central mystery revolves around the fact that one of these lunatics turns into the titular horror icon, getting his first taste of flesh. So, it’s basically Maury & Bustillo’s Devil’s Rejects, which sounds kind of awesome.

What Leatherface will actually look like is another story entirely, as rumors have swirled since Maury & Bustillo finished shooting the film that it’d been taken away from them in the editing bay, and possibly even partially re-shot. This would be a crying shame, as the French directors are two of the most exciting talents to emerge out of the country’s New Extremity horror wave, and just can’t seem to catch a break after their initial gruesome classic. Here’s hoping we get to see some semblance (or even the entirety) of their original vision when Leatherface hits theaters this fall.