Meet The “Meat Hammer,” “Grudge Dog” And More In WTF Trailer For GHOST SQUAD

Japanese bad boy Noboru Iguchi is at it again.

If you’re familiar with the unique oeuvre of Japanese director Noboru Iguchi, which includes the likes of The Machine Girl, Mutant Girls Squad, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, and Dead Sushi... well, you still might not be prepared for the trailer for his latest bit of screen insanity, Ghost Squad.

Opening in Japan this year and also headed out on the international film festival circuit, Ghost Squad was devised by Iguchi as a vehicle for the Japanese Idol group NoMakes  (Minori Mikado, Yuni Hong, Sumire Ueno and Anna Yanagi), which he put together and previously cast in his lesbian vérité drama Cinema Junjo. In this movie, four young girls and their dog are murdered, and then come back from the dead to avenge themselves using assorted bizarre weapons. (Continuing the trend Iguchi began in Dead Sushi, one of them is the “Yakitori [chicken skewer] of murder.”) Just to make sure you feel the horrific gravity of the situation, Iguchi did the trailer’s breathy, ominous narration itself. It MakesNo sense, but then sense seems kind of beside the point in something like this. All I know is, if you’re a fan of Asian outrageousness like I am, you’ll be looking forward to seeing what 90 or so minutes of this looks like.