PURGE TV Series Purges Itself Of The Purge

Sort of more PURGE-adjacent than you might like.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk regarding the impending existence of a Purge television show, mostly because no one really knew how a Purge television series would be plausible. Fun as Purging may be, you can’t have it all Purge all the time, you know?

Turns out the workaround for this is to not actually show the Purge at all, which is what Purge-boss James DeMonaco plans to do. At the NBCUniversal upfront television presentation he Purged the following details regarding the show’s premise:

“It will reveal to the fans what happens the other 364 days of the year and how that law affects people”

So the whole show will be people getting ready to Purge and/or dealing with the trauma of past Purges. But let’s be serious. Each season has to end with a Purge though, right? And if the Purge keeps society from resorting to our base nature, what real drama can the show come up with? "You just wait. 268 days from now, I'm going to kill you for sleeping with my wife!"

In other words, how many of you think this is a show you might watch? You have until 2018 to answer.