For the love of coffee and Paul Anka, please make this a reality.

LEGO Ideas is the fan submission site for LEGO, in which regular ol' Joes design and submit potential LEGO sets. The ideas that receive 10,000 supporters qualify for review by the LEGO Review Board, at which point a group of "set designers and marketing representatives evaluates projects according to our review criteria and hand-picks projects to become new LEGO Ideas sets." 

So how many of you read this site? It's a few, right? Because I'm going to need all of you to vote on Rainer Zufall's recently submitted LEGO Idea: Luke's Diner from Gilmore Girls.


Oh, I'm sorry - you wanted a Chilton Rory? Well, Zufall designed one of those, too:

I know what you're thinking: where are Sookie, Richard and Emily? Where's Logan and/or Dean? Where's Babette, Miss Patty and Christopher? What about the rest of Hep Alien? WHERE IS MICHEL, I ASK YOU. I NEED PARIS.

Well, this selection of Stars Hollow citizens perfectly represents the typical clientele at Luke's Diner, but if you're inclined to submit a LEGO version of the Dragonfly, the Friday Night Dinners dining room, the Yale Daily News bullpen or Miss Patty's studio, you can do so here

But first! Vote on Luke's Diner. For me, but more importantly, for LEGO Lorelai. She needs some coffee in an I.V., stat.