What Will MUTE Sound Like?

Duncan Jones drops a musical hint on Twitter about his new film's score.

When Duncan Jones' Mute hits Netflix later this year, it will have a score by Clint Mansell - fitting, as he's the fella who scored the '00s classic Moon, Jones' previous film set in this world. It's no secret that we at BMD are positively thirsty for any details on Mute, and today we might have gotten a taste of what the score will sound like, via Mr. Jones' Twitter account, where he retweeted this. 

Mr. Jones then rightly surmised many of us would be unfamiliar with what's on display in that tweet, so then he shared this. 

To this we must say yes, hell yes, praise His name, into it, etc. 

Mute will premiere on Netflix this year. We think. I was literally ON THE SET and they spilled all manner of spoilers but wouldn't give me a release date. Cheeky.