UPDATED: Nevertheless, This Robert Zemeckis Directing THE FLASH Rumor Persisted

An oldie but goodie.

Update: According to Variety, this frontrunner list now also includes Matthew Vaughn, which is absolutely nuts and would be a waste of Vaughn's particular talents. It should be hard-R movies only for that guy.

Now on to your regularly scheduled programming:


Last month a rumor erupted that Robert Zemeckis would take over directing the DCEU’s big ass Flash movie since the original director Rick Famuyiwa had departed. The rumor was fun. We had a lot of laughs. And then it went away.

Now it’s back, and with more heat behind it too courtesy of The Wrap. Zemeckis is not signed on to direct the film yet, but according to the report, he is a frontrunner. What would it mean for the film if the director does sign on? All we can say for sure is that it probably won’t have a whole lot of computer effects. Zemeckis hates that crap.

Again, nothing here is certain. More than anything, this just lends credence to the early rumor that Warner Bros is looking at the guy, checking him out, getting a real eyeful. I imagine we’ll find out soon enough who is getting his job.