Here Are Our First Plot Hints For TWIN PEAKS Season Three

Lots to sift through here, fam.

Given the level of secrecy that's surrounded Showtime's upcoming third season of Twin Peaks - the overall lack of trailers, the network's refusal to send out review screeners, the fact that basically no one seems to know anything about the goddamn thing - you'll probably be as surprised as we were to learn that Showtime has updated its website with actual episode descriptions. No, really!

And what a bounty of information these descriptions are:

Part 1: My log has a message for you. 
Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself.
Part 3: Call for help.
Part 4: …brings back some memories.

Part 5: Case files.
Part 6: Don’t die.
Part 7: There’s a body all right.
Part 8: Gotta light?

Yeesh, no spoiler alert, Showtime? It's not like we don't read "Case files" and know immediately what's up. "The stars turn and a time presents itself"? Geez, why don't you just leak the entire dang shooting script while you're at it.

The Birth.Movies.Death. staff (which will be keeping up with the new season of Twin Peaks as it rolls along over the next however-many weeks) took one look at these episode descriptions and knew exactly what to expect from season three. We assume the same is true for all of you.

Twin Peaks is back this Sunday on Showtime. We'll be watching, I guess.