Sundance Hit PATTI CAKE$ Gets Its First Trailer

Everybody’s got a dream.

Somehow I had never heard of Patti Cake$ before today, but it apparently already has a huge positive reputation behind it thanks to its reception at Sundance this year.

If you’d like a little taste of why everyone is so pumped for this movie, Fox Searchlight is your Huckleberry. Here’s the first trailer:

Well that looks like it has everything, doesn’t it? Comedy, drama, an atypical lead who overcomes typical stereotypes. And it’s hip, too! Not like all those Polka movies we keep seeing.

Patti Cake$ is all set to take the world by storm August 18. After which we can all madly await the following team up movie where Patti teams up with Morris from Morris from America and that Hunt for the Wilderpeople kid.