Updated: Billy Crudup Googles THE FLASH, Drops Out Of Movie

More bad news for the upcoming(?) DC movie.

Update: turns out this is all bullshit. In fact, there is no Flash movie. We all just made it up because we thought the TV guy looked cheesy.


Yesterday, confirmation came that not only old favorite Robert Zemeckis but new favorite Matthew Vaughn as well were frontrunners to take over The Flash director duties from ship-jumper Rick Famuyiwa.

It’s even more complicated than that. According to EW, both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb - one-and-a-half Spider-Man directors - were also frontrunners, both of whom have passed.

But in the midst of all this director soup, something else has happened. Apparently, Billy Crudup has left the cast. While your milage may vary when it comes to how much a movie needs a Crudup to be awesome, this does put them in a tight spot as Crudup was going to play the Flash’s dad, a guy we see in the Justice League trailer.

So now who ever gets to deal with this movie has two choices: recast Crudup, which will suck, or omit him from the Flash movie altogether, the potential suckiness of which is currently unknown simply because nobody knows what this movie will be in the first place.

In any case, this is more bad news for The Flash, a movie that could really use some help in the goodwill department. We’re just going to have to wait and see how all this shakes out, but something tells me we won’t be waiting long.